Fairpoint is a leading provider of professional services to UK consumers with particular skills in process automation and consolidation. Our mission is to ‘Point customers towards better solutions’ and we do this in each of the core product markets within which we operate as follows:

  1. Debt solutions - Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) & Debt Management Plans
  2. Claims Management, and
  3. Legal Services

The Fairpoint Business Model

Central to our business proposition is the provision of a no obligation review of consumers circumstances.  During this review we will capture a range of information from which we can generate a thorough understanding of a consumers personal circumstances. We will combine this understanding with our own knowledge of solutions and appropriate qualifying criteria and on then offer consumers appropriate solutions. Our objective is to extend our product range so that we are able to serve an ever increasing proportion of consumers who request our support with a growing number of solutions which will improve their circumstances.

We adopt this approach in each of our chosen product markets, for example:

Debt Solutions

The objective of our debt solutions businesses is to help consumers make their money go further. Equipped with an understanding of lender requirements and consumer objectives, we aim to help strike a balance between a consumers ability to pay and their level of indebtedness. We then begin a dialogue with lenders to seek some level of debt relief which may include limiting the application of interest to a debt, or even writing off debt subject to a commitment from customers to make regular payments to their lenders.

To help consumers keep up with their plans we offer regular financial reviews and access to a range of money saving services so that we can help reduce monthly outgoings. If our debt solutions are not appropriate to the consumer we will outline other courses of action which the consumer can take to improve their situation.

Claims Management

Our claims management division was created to further help consumers reduce their debt by pursuing claims such as financial services mis-selling, our main product line is Personal Protection Insurance Claims.

Legal Services

Legal Services is our newest division, having entered the market in June 2014 when Simpson Millar was welcomed to the Group. This division providers a range of consumer based legal services covering areas such as Family Law; Wills & conveyancing; personal injury; employment law and clinical negligence. We anticipate that our debt solutions consumers will be able to benefit from some of these services as we take a holistic approach to pointing consumers towards better solutions.